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High Style

French architect Joseph Dirand has perfected the art of the Parisian apartment - in his own home. Originally designed as a 'hôtel particulier' for a family residence, the building - now divided into two levels - is a perfect rectangle, with a monumental staircase on one side and a tree-lined courtyard on the other. "I immediately realised that the typical plan from the 17th century was ideal: all the rooms, in a row, have perfect proportions; there isn't a corridor obstructing the perspective; and the natural light from the east and west is beautiful," says Dirand.

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Concrete House

Composed of two longitudinal zones located to north and south of an east west spine, this home utilises vertical connections and void spaces to achieve a strong visual impact between levels. Formally simple, lofty and airy, the main spaces are reminiscent of mid century modernist material and compositional qualities (particularly Brazilian modernism). The client, a builder and specialist in masonry was keen to utilise a concrete and stone palette externally. These materials along with a generous utilisation of naturally finished timber became the determining elements of both the house's architecture and interiors.

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Think Pink

In her quirky family nest in Paris, interior and furniture designer Géraldine Prieur has boldly broken the rules of colour. It was love at first sight with this typically Parisian apartment of 285 square meters. "We were immediately drawn to the volumes and the character of the space. It tells a story with its Haussmannian architecture, such as original 1860 stqined glass windows, mouldings, fireplaces and the parquet flooring". Despite a classical and elegant backdrop, the French designer was not afraid to create eye-catching interiors.

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Circle in the Square

What the dot are we talking about? Those are mobile gaming apps produced by digital studio Playdots, and more than 100 million people around the world partake in them. But just 50 illustrators, animators, designers, and engineers are housed in the company's new headquarters, spread across 6,000 square feet inside a neo-classical building in the meatpacking district, in New York City. Woodfin Architecture & Design and Sheep + Stone collaborated to create a space that boosts creativity.

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Italian Renaissance

Restored to its former glory by local artisans, this magical Milanese apartment captures the city's bygone beauty. The two brass 1950s chandeliers in the living room were the starting point for the décor. Below these Sputnik-style lights are pink velvet sofas dressed with cushions in a graphic Dedar fabric that enhance the vintage vibe. The walls in the living and dining rooms are coated in Champagne-coloured Marmorino Venetian stucco, a traditional lime-based plaster that provides a neutral counterpoint to some of the bolder, more contemporary colour choices in the house.

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Sense of Permanence

Shaped by Sydney-based interior designer Alexi Robinson, this home is located in a vibrant and cosmopolitan district of Taipei. Filled with natural light, this elegant, open-plan apartment is furnished with eclectic pieces that fit the owners’ needs and taste.
The first priority was to open the space up to fit with the owners' love for free-flowing entertaining, while also allowing for soft, natural lighting to permeate the interiors.
"When shaping a home, resist the urge to over-design, and listen and observe instead," Robinson says.

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Manhattan Transfer

When she moved from London to New York, a young art collector put her trust in Rafael de Cárdenas to shape her new home.
A pair of armchairs as the inspiration for an interior design concept could be considered quite original, almost improbable. However, Rafael de Cárdenas - who heads Architecture at Large - has proven it was the right choice for this elegant two-bedroom apartment, nestled in a pre-war building in Manhattan's Greenwich Village.

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A Dialogue between Old and New

In Manhattan's landmarked Tribeca North, the top floor and roof of an 1884 caviar warehouse were designed as a warm and open residence by Andrew Franz Architect.
The design, guided with a goal of a sustainable and healthy, living environment, features a relocated mezzanine with a planted interior court which connects to the new green roof garden.
Embracing the building's industrial past, a visual discourse between new and old is devised through insertions of modern materials along with restored or reclaimed ones.

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L.A. Confidential

Lately, the largest city in California has become one of the world's trendiest destinations.
For the past years, Los Angeles has experienced a cultural boom, resulting in its fascinating energy. 
In L.A., there is a pervading freedom to choose one's own look, lifestyle and job. But all Angelenos have one thing in common: an ultra-cool attitude that is reflected everywhere in the city.
The beach vibes in Santa Monica and Malibu, the glamour of Beverly Hills and Hollywood, and the cultural richness of Downtown LA are some examples of what you can expect.

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