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Noble Character

Interior designer Rodolphe Parente honoured the spirit of this classic Parisian apartment and turned it into a dream home for a modern family.

What was the client's brief?

The flat is located in a classic dressed-stone building in Trocadéro, Paris, and faces the Eiffel Tower. It has generous volume with 18th-century features such as decorative mouldings, coffered ceilings, Chinese-influenced pediments and marble fireplaces. The owners are passionate collectors of art and furniture and wanted to infuse their home with modern touches. To achieve this, we shaped a single functional room from the kitchen and dining area, which is organised around a central, custom-made island in marble, bronze and brass. Elegant and cosy, the main bedroom was designed as a suite connecting with a bathroom. This private refuge combines delicate textures and high-quality materials with contemporary and classic furniture.

What were the challenges of the space and how did you resolve them with your design scheme?

My objective was to make gentle changes and preserve the history and character of the space. The project was based on a deep respect for the existing architecture while highlighting the significant volumes, and the chance to create a home where a contemporary art and design collection would get the recognition it deserves. It is not a contemplative space, it is dedicated to life and comfort for a family.

How would you describe the completed interior?

The strong architectural identity of the apartment is apparent in the living room, where high ceilings and ornaments echo the original spirit of the space. A sofa by Piero Lissoni customised with Raf Simons fabric occupies the centre of the room and is the main element around which other features are accommodated. The main material used - brass and Calacatta Caldia marble - emphasise the coherence between spaces.

What are some of your favourite design elements?

The china cabinet in stained brushed walnut, the kitchen island in marble with medal brass insert, the headboard in natural silk, the shelves in brass in the library, all custom made.

(Published in Belle)

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