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A Certain Panache

In the heart of Paris, a quirky new hotel is an ode to Art Nouveau with a chic twist.

Following the success of Hôtel Paradis, owner Adrien Gloaguen and rising interior designer Dorothée Meilichzon recently presented another smash hit. Located in the ninth arrondissement near the Grands Boulevards and many theatres, Hôtel Panache opened its doors a few months ago after two years of work.

Outside, the seven-storey corner building - which dates from the late 19th century - catches the attention of passers-by. Making the most of the hotel's triangular shape was the biggest challenge for Dorothée. "Both the area and the building itself inspired me", she says. This project pays tribute to the Flatiron Building, the New York City landmark known for its wedge shape.

Doing something new was the only brief that Adrien gave Dorothée, who is used to having carte blanche when designing a new project. The 40 rooms, which feature curved walls, tight angles and uneven alcoves, all look different and reflect a strong character. However they all reference Art Nouveau and revisit the typical style of this Parisian district by adding a contemporary twist. "I carefully placed and designed pieces of furniture in corners, and played with reflections through mirrors," Dorothée says.

Geometric prints on the walls, repetitive patterns on the carpets, ceiling globe lights, steel and cane headboards, and old telephone replicas of the famous 1931 Ericsson bakelite model contribute to create a charming retro atmosphere.

Featuring velvet seats, blown-glass lamps and a counter in walnut, blackened wood, marble and brass, the lobby also revisits the codes of the 1900s in a subtle way. In every nook, the colour palette embraces navy blue, anthracite grey, pale pink and warm rust. "The hotel captures the Parisian spirit and its bubbling energy," says Adrien. "It has panache and some defects, but that is what makes this place unique."

(Published in Belle)

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